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Monday, March 9, 2009

Vunow content update 1 - Streaming feature films are live

Crackle website updated - we now have streaming feature films!

w00t! :)

i'm currently watching Cliff Hanger from the 'Popular Websites' section, under Crackle.

pretty sweet - picture quality is superb - sure i've got an SD vunow pod, and my little TV is nothing to write home about (write online about?) but the quality... you'd never know this is streaming video. no blocks, no pixelation, black looks black - it's got all the trademarks of proper codec usage.

this is the first step of the upcoming vunow content rollout - let's see what else we've got in store!

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bitflung said...

oh - and by the way - i haven't been interrupted by a single commercial yet (i'm more than half way through the movie).

don't expect that to last however, the website inserts a few commercials during movie playback on the website, so i'd expect ads (perhaps vunow sponsorships) in the streams here eventually as well...