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Thursday, March 12, 2009

only 9 hours left for my predictions to come true

A few days ago (March 9th) I made a few predictions about upcoming vunow content updates. These predictions were, briefly:

1. An optional subscription based movie channel would be activated (via GDBTV, likely through
2. VoD pay per view movie rentals would go live via GDBTV (but likely not cinema now)
3. Hulu would be added to popular websites (but not be active yet)
4. Content in Live Streaming TV would become better organized
5. Verismo networks would publish an open API for content providers to push content to vunow users (without direct effort from vunow employees)

Well, I gave myself a very short window of opportunity to be correct: from March 9th through the end of March 12th (March 13th 00:00 GMT). That leaves me with about 9 hours from right now.

9 hours to go, how much has come true already?
Not much, really, but I'm not disappointed:

1. The GDBTV subscription based movie channel isn't live yet and still doesn't have any way to subscribe to anything - NOT RIGHT (yet)

2. VoD pay per view rentals are not active yet - NOT RIGHT

3. Hulu is not in the popular website yet - NOT RIGHT

4. Content in Live TV is not well organized, though I saw one section with 2 channels under a NEWS category - STARTED BUT STILL NOT RIGHT

5. ooo, how to test this one. poor scientific method here, sorry, I can't test this prediction. If vunow anounces a public API, I'm right. If not, I suppose I'll have to assume I'm wrong, so like the others - NOT RIGHT

Was this an utter failure? You be the judge. By my own judgements, I was wrong on all 5 predictions - at least so far (9 hours to go... hey verismo networks, throw me a bone here!).

But I'm not disappointed. Nope, not at all. Why?
Late in the evening on March 9th Popular Webistes was updated to include a new interface to A few hours later was added to the Movies section (though it's the same content).

Why is so special?

1. Actual factual content. Not youtube and vtap - but real valuable content like full length movies and tv shows. stuff to make popcorn for. reasons to be happy with your purchase of the vunow PoD.

2. No one likes to be first at at taking risks - at least not in the business world. With crackle on board, the folks at hulu, abc, etc can watch from a distance and follow after the perceived risk has diminished. Crackle (a Sony company) is demonstrating that publishing content on vunow pod's can be a successful business tactic.

3. Vunow needs content and consumers to simultaneously become eager for their product. Without one or the other they get stuck in a stale-mate situation. (why push content to a device with no users? -- why use a device with no content?). This first step may provide the much needed stimulus to drive more consumer and/or providers to the vunow platform, and for every new consumer/provider the platform becomes even more interesting for all other consumers/providers.

In 9 hours, I may find that all 5 of my predictions were wrong - possibly I'm ahead of the timeframe (they come true at a later date) or possibly I'm just plain wrong (never true). We'll see. For now I'm loving my vunow PoD with's content.

Last night, Jumaji. Tomorrow is saturday - I'll likely watch a good bit of BBC World News and Married With Children. All for free. All on my TV. All thanks to a $99 investment in a product with serious potential.

I'm lovin it.


Anonymous said...

Bitflung, that "NEWS" icon (often with two or three sub-options, and not all necessarily news-oriented) comes and goes. Everytime I've spotted it, it's under the "Europe" section of "Live Internet TV".

And, damn about losing Euronews, France 24, and ITN News. I've written to Verismo support to request the return of all three.


bitflung said...

thanks for the feedback - i hadn't seen the the 'news' section in the past, but glad to hear they've been toying with it for some time. categorizing the streaming feeds (or at least letting us filter out the ones we would never want to watch) would be a huge usability improvement - i' still think they'll push this out for all the feeds eventually.

how do you like your vunow? do you use it regularly?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Even though it's one of several sources of big-screen entertainment here, I usually flip it on for a bit every evening.

I'll always check the Live Internet TV content to see if anything's new or different, and will always watch some BBC News. I've also really been enjoying the UK travel features on "Places of Interest TV". WSTV is worth a look when it's playing White Springs TV; last Friday we watched a killer old b&w TV special with Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Joe Turner, Dinah Washington and others.

If I'm in the mood for some Bollywood - well, say no more, it's the place to go. I've "rented" a couple of enjoyable films, though I don't usually bother to follow the plot and I'm clueless about the languages used.

I'll use it to do video searches occasionally; I like its multi-site functionality. Some of the YouTube featured channels appeal to me (especially Wah Chef). And it's nice to see more current content showing up in the "Popular Sites" section, though it looks like the selection has been cut back as the new content has been added.

And Crackle - well, I can only echo your comments. It looks great, and there's plenty of stuff to watch there.

What would I like to see from Verismo? Besides the obvious "more content" - I'd definitely like to see more community participation. Your site here is the natural net.reaction to Verismo's relative lack of public info; the least they could do would be to have a Forum section at their website. I'd also love to see an easy way for users to add URLs of streaming TV stations for all to enjoy (I guess someone needs to play traffic cop to keep 'em clean).


bitflung said...

hah - well, as you said, if it works i can delete the comment... but it seems to stick around anyway.

i've seen on here that i can allow others to author posts - are you interested in writing posts here form time to time?

it's something to do to share with the community until verismo provides a forum for us.

ncjay said...

Actually - it appears to have gone away now. Just a little latency in updating the original post, I guess.

Sure, I'll be happy to contribute here on occasion.

I just did my nightly scan of "Live Internet TV" and discovered - Verismo is listening! Euronews, France 24, and ITN News have all been restored per my request. They've also taken care of one other anomaly I pointed out in the same email - Allmusic (from Italy) was listed under North America, and KGPT (the Wichita weather OTA subchannel) was under Europe - both problems have been rectified.

There's also something called "Live Charity Appeals" that's new, under Europe.