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Monday, March 9, 2009

vunow content arriving tomorrow, march 10th

only one day to go before we see what sort of new content will emerge from verismo networks... what can we expect?

i predict the following:

1. Through an agreement with GDBTV we will have an optional, subscription based, streaming movie channel
2. Through an agreement with GDBTV we will have VoD movie rentals (cinemanow will still be yet to come) on a payperview basis
3. We will see 'hulu' added to the list of 'popular websites' but service will not yet be provided (read: 'coming soon' message will appear)
4. Content in Live Streaming TV will become categorized, such that religious channels will be grouped together, shopping channels, etc.
5. New additions to the Popular Websites section will be using a new backend system that is more approachable by content providers, allowing for open access to publish content to vunow users

Those are my predictions. I'll set the deadline at March 13th 00:00 GMT for my predictions to come true, else i will have been 'wrong'. If they are true, however, don't expect the updates to slow down.

here's my reasoning:

I see the coming 2 or 3 months as crucial for vunow to deploy strategy to gain user base and content providers. I would expect to see some compelling reasons for content providers to push video streams at vunow users - these would have to be financial reasons for now as there just aren't very many vunow users.

It's the classic chicken and the egg problem. Q. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? A. Whichever you can convince to come first. Clearly verismo networks was hoping to get users first, by selling an inexpensive PoD with some usable and interesting features, and the promise of upcoming key content. By holding back on the content until there is a user base, verismo would have had a strong play for revenue sharing from the content providers. This doesn't seem to have worked out. So now what? well, switch strategies from chicken to egg: get content providers interested and publishing content, then hope some more users will invest in the PoD once they see more interesting content.

what are your thoughts? how would you get users and content providers to both come to your fledgling platform? do you like chicken? egg? hard boiled or poached?

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