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Monday, June 7, 2010

What I'd like to see from Verismo Networks

No VuNow news for a while? Anywhere? Right, that's a problem.

I'd like to see a few things come from Verismo Networks regarding their VuNow platform. Verismo, are you listening? Are you still out there?

1. A consumer targeted mailing list with scheduled notices. Monthly messages would work. You already have the email addresses of all those who registered their PODs; use them. Let us know you're still alive and doing something. Even if all you do is suggest watching some random video on the VuNow that would be enough to at least keep a fire going. By the way, the fire that keeps us interested in your device is pretty much burned out. a few smoldering bits here and there are in desperate need of your attention to bring back some sort of flame.

2. A journalist targeted mailing list with event-driven notices. I don't care how small or seemingly insignificant, you should tell those who propagate your news about that news. Directly. Be proactive. I haven't heard a thing from Verismo Networks in about a year now and I'm sure I'm not alone.

3. A developer targeted mailing list with at least one entry: Tell us what your plans are with the 3rd party applications menu on the VuNow PoD. Developers need time to think up ideas, and having nothing but the menu item doesn't excite or constrain the inventive juices remotely enough. Give us a clue, tell us something. Anything. What frameworks would be used? Is there an early unofficial API we could look at? What language is used? Compiler? Or is it mark-up language based? Can we parse RSS feeds? XML? What about creating a secure link to protected premium content and basing the user authentication on the VuNow pPOD registered user email address? Give us something, anything, please.

- I am a consumer, I bought the VuNow POD because I wanted to watch videos on my TV using it.
- I am a journalist, I could find other news about the VuNow so I started writing about it.
- I am a developer, a computer engineer by trade. I write code for a living. At my day job I design hardware and write software to run on that hardware. In my spare time I write software for Nokia's Maemo/MeeGo platform(s). I am eager to get my hands dirty writing code for the VuNow too.

Verismo Networks: you are failing all of us on all three of these fronts. This wouldn't be so bad if you were at least gaining traction in the market or wowing us with new features periodically; but you aren't doing either of these. The VuNow is growing long in the tooth and those few of us who adopted it are growing weary of trying to remain excited.

Help us, won't you?


slinkeey said...

I feel as if this platform is stale, abandoned or whatever...

Maybe Virismo needs to hand it over to the open source community.

Jared said...

I hear you - even my contact inside Verismo networks has stopped responding; it's like everyone's on vacation.

If nothing else I'd love to get my hands on an SDK for the '3rd party apps' to at least see what we're all missing.

Anonymous said...

Got some news - They are working on 1080p platform - which should in production in 2 months!

Jared said...

@Anonymous - that's great news! Any news right now would be good news, but 1080p deployment wouldn't make sense unless there was some use-case scenario they were working towards; which means there must be some sort of development beyond the higher resolution as well.

Thanks for the update! :)

slinkeey said...

Will our hardware support 1080 with software upgrade? I would have to research the TI Davinci Chip..

slinkeey said...

TI TMS320DM6446
ATSC - 1080i @ 30fps

This is based off of the Sherwood R-904N.. I am assuming the VuNow Pod has the same CPU.

slinkeey said...

I would love Keyboard Support :)