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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Software update - February 3 (or earlier)

I may be late with this news again, but tonight I had a message there was a software update available. The upgrade went smoothly, and now I'm at Client version and Server version

I don't see anything that's different. Do you?


slinkeey said...

I have the Sherwood R-904N that has VuNow Support.

I am sitting at versions:


Do I need to have a USB stick in to get updates? Do I need to register with VuNow?

bitflung said...


I haven't tried the Sherwood product, but in general no, you don't need a USB stick of any sort to perform an upgrade. Nor do you need to register. Updates are detected automatically by the device (at least for the VuNow POD) and a message appears asking if you would like to install the update.

Reading the Sherwood user manual and viewing the screen images certainly makes it appear that you have a standard VuNow POD built into your device. I'll look into this a bit more, but for now I haven't been able to find any details regarding firmware version parity between various VuNow enabled devices (I've been searching for firmware parity with VuNow on devices from: Sherwood, JadooTV, Netgear, and ACT).

Generally speaking there is room for each of these different products to offer exclusive services (JadooTV and ACT products in particular are not feature identical to the VuNow POD), so perhaps the firmware on the Sherwood device is not updated by VuNow directly but rather by Sherwood?

slinkeey said...

Thanks for your response..

I notice you have the most VuNow activity on the net as far as I can tell.. It doesn't appear to have a huge following.. I just hope that if enough of us stick together, we can keep things alive.