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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three small items

Nothing outrageously new on the VuNow news scene, but I thought I'd mention a few small items:

There are two new categories under Live Internet TV->Live Radio: "Telugu One Radio" and "Indian Radio Channels" - a total of 24 new audio services for you to explore.

Verismo has quietly updated the online VuNow user manual to version 4.0 - you can download it under the "support" section of The features listed match the current features of the software for the most part - Bitflung may spot some differences I haven't noticed. In one instance - my beloved "Live Internet TV" - it appears to be ahead of the software, showing a new top-level menu listing "Movies", "All Channels", "Television", "News & Sports", "International" and "Partners".

There's a new location for my online "Live Internet TV" channels listing - it's in the process of being updated at the moment since there is a LOAD of new content available. The new location of the listing is here.

Other than that .... did you see the on-screen holiday wishes from Verismo support? I thought that was a nice touch.

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bitflung said...

Thanks for the update nc-jay! I'll have to peruse the online manual and see if I also notice some interesting changes.