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Thursday, September 3, 2009

UK TV channels GONE!

This morning I performed the software update mentioned by a commenter to the previous posting, and to my dismay: the BBC, ITV, and other premium UK Live TV Channels are gone from the UK listing. We're back to TV Yachts, folks. I suppose it was too good to last....


Anonymous said...

@ncjay, how dod you perform the software update ? I was greatly disappointed to see BBC channels going away.

nc-jay said...

Via the usual method. The "new software available" message was waiting for me this morning.

Mamnijo said...

vuNow has consistently disappointed. They havent given me access to vuMarks. I want to return the device, but already past my 30 day window.

bitflung said...

that's too bad - i'm sure you could sell it privately for a large fraction of the purchase price.

is it an HD or SD version?

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Scotty P said...

Actually, the channels are still on. They come off and on the menu, depending on the day, but if you bookmarked them, they still stream through the Vunow pod.

This is all content that is provided by Global Digital Broadcast, the company that they have recently partnered with to provide UK content. If you go to their website, its all there! They provide it free to their subscribers, etc.

Here's hoping the partnership goes well and the content stays!

To note, you can customize your own TV guide (even including some of the other European channels which you can add to "My Channels" (ie Eurosport News), on the following site:

The Playon server, although it kind of detracts from the whole 'don't need a computer' thing, is absolutely amazing. I've already used it (I am not a computer whiz, but a good researcher) to add content from CNN, Hulu, Spike, HGTV, Food Network, etc. It only takes a few minutes once you figure it out, and it immediately takes your VuNow from a fun little device to a full cable replacement (when paired with an OTA HD Antenna).

Anonymous said...

I would have thought it would be strange for the channels to go missing, since they just made a annoucement that they have signed a content deal with a UK IPTV firm,
Also looks like the UK launch is closer than we think as spotted by one of the bloggers on here

Anonymous said...

@all, maybe these are only available to UK customers.I noticed a new status on Vunow start up...locating service and maybe they are restricting access to US customers.

Anonymous said...

@scottyp, i have stuttering issues in streaming while watching these channels. Wired or wireless from a wireless router does not make any difference. I have 5mbps internet line. I have streaming with buffering issues for every 20secs.
Do you have any advice in connection setup for watching these channels.

Anonymous said...

@ Scotty P can you please give step by step instructions on how you setup your system. As for the do do you bookmark a channels.


bitflung said...

@Scotty P

good insight on that - perhaps also the recently viewed list will provide access for those who never bookmarked the streams and are now upset the streams are missing (most of the time).

i'm in the process of moving so, unfortunately, i don't even have a TV at the moment. hopefully someone else tries this and finds that it works.


Anonymous said...

how do you bookmark a channel? anybody please give suggestion.

nc-jay said...

Everyone, GREAT suggestions from Scotty P and bitflung. I was able to recover 16 of the UK channels from my "recently played" menu, and add them to "my channels". And they all seem to stream perfectly, despite their non-presence in the "Live Internet TV" listing.

I had used this trick once before to recover something or other that had disappeared, and completely forgotten about it.

Scottyp said...


Hit options button when you're over the icon.

Sometimes, it will give you the option to 'ADD TO MY CHANNELS'.

Other times, it will give you the option to 'BOOKMARK THIS CHANNEL'.

Personally, I see this as a bug. My bookmarks are a mish mash of movies I want to watch (bookmarked from Crackle), favorite websites, and channels I like.

I want to be able to add the UK channels to 'MY CHANNELS' list, would make viewing live tv so much more convenient. Anyone know how to do this?

Anyone know how to organize bookmarks in general (ie i'd like to organize into -movies-websites-tv shows-tv channels (if I can't get all channels to add into the My Channels list)

I'm working on figure out a way to link up the TVGUIDE listings for the British channels thru the VuNow onto my TV in a way that I can actually see the TVGuide on the British channels screen. This will not be possible unless better browsing capabilities are built into the VuNow. I may have to resort to a seperate piece of hardware (ie Hauppage)

Anyways, couple other things:

HipTV is a weird channel. It streams content from Canadian TV, but that content ranges from Vision TV (an old religious channel recently bought by one of Canada's big media magnates, Moses Znaimer, but still sucks right now), HBO Canada (awesome), The Movie Network, etc. I have absolutely no idea where this content comes through, perhaps a Rogers preview channel? I can't imagine its legal.

As far as my setup, it is very easy:

-Install PlayOn Media server onto decent computer (i have a six month old, decent laptop, dual core but not a rocketship and certainly not configured in any really great way). Available anywhere, google it. Free to download for 15-30 days. A must purchase at any price. Usually, coupons are available online.

Ensure your computer and VuNow are on same network (wireless is fine, not ideal, but hey, I use wireless on both ends).

Ensure cpu is on and Playon Media program is running (i set it to run on startup)

Turn on VuNow

Go to popular websites

Click on Playon hulu, CNN, or CBS

Browse and watch.

If you want to REALLY take advantage of the content, and see how this thing really works, do a few other things:

-Go to, follow the very, very easy directions there to start loading in plugins. What this does, in essence, is takes content from different online video sources (Hulu, CBS, HGTV, etc), and streams it through your computer. You can also load in the 'local content' plugin, seems to work better than direct access through VuNow.

Go to 'My content'

Go to 'Local Network'

Open Playon Media server

Now you should have a bunch of great content. I haven't turned on cable in three weeks.

I'm hoping to help build a plugin for MLB.TV, that will complete my cable replacement (when including my OTA HD antenna and PVR setup).

VuMarks kind of sucks, but to be honest, with the Playon server in place, it really isnt that necessary, if you have content worth scraping, a Playon plugin will likely be easier to develop (and be more reliable) than finding translatable content, and setting up the VuMark, and then keeping it. Anyone else have any luck? I gave up.