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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New VuNow device hits the market

EDIT: The Netgear product turns out to be more expensive than the vanilla VuNow POD due to Netgear NOT including the WiFi adapter ($40 extra from Netgear) nor the HDMI Cable ($0.01?). What else is missing? What might be included above the VuNow POD? If we find out, we'll let you know.

The Netgear EVA2000 has recently been anounced and is now available. This is a VuNow POD in Netgear packaging, with apparently some modest cosmetic alteration (new remote style, new box, it comes with a CD?).

We've had reports of users ordering VuNow PODs and waiting around for weeks before they ship (demand is outstripping the rather limited supply). If you are ready to order one and want a good shot at instant gratification, you might try this Netgear branded VuNow, perhaps Netgear's supply is fresh and ready to ship (amazon claims to be able to get it here by September 10th - that's tomorrow)?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting press release:

"Additionally, the Digital Entertainer Live includes a free trial of VuNow, which provides access to hundreds of other Internet videos"

FREE TRIAL? Will Netgear owners pay a subscription to get what VuNow owners have for free?