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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

VuNow service update - but what has changed?

August 9th 2009 at 10:30pm PDT: VuNow service was interrupted for "4 hours" for scheduled server maintenance.

Great - the servers were sketchy during that timeframe and afterwords seemed to run just fine. What changed? I have no idea. Do you?

BTW - there seems to be a flaw in the 'Product Info' section on the VuNow: If you navigate to the 'Product Info' screen and look at the server and client version numbers multiple times, the server version keeps changing while the client version remains constant. This bug was present before the server maintenance. The server version, while always changing, is clearly supposed to indicate the same verion number as the client (4.xxxx) despite being rotated a bit each time you re-enter the settings page (

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Hari said...

From support they should be streaming on vunow in few days.

Please post if you see yupptv support which I am really interested in.


bitflung said...

... sorry, not yet, just checked, but i'll keep an eye out and let you know

Brian said...

Is the "third party software" link new?

bitflung said...

"third party software" link - if you're talking about the link on the Settings page, then no it's not new.

I'm at work just now so I can't browse around the VuNow, have you found a new reference to the "third part software"?

Anonymous said...

@hari - did you confirm yupptv support with Vunow support. How did yupptv mention about this? Is there any press release from yupptv?.
This would be really exciting news if this turns out to be true....

Hari said...

Vunow support team said is their partner and I talked to support to see when they are planning to support. They said in Aug when I asked in July. This week they said in few days. No exact date.

I don't have my Vunow POD yet. Waiting for them to ship next week.