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Monday, August 3, 2009

Netflix comes in 2nd - but it wasn't even close

Our last poll asked you, dear readers, to tell us (and indirectly Verismo Networks) which service you most desire them to implement or finish implementing, next.

Of course there was no surprise that cam in first place with a whopping 55% of the voltes. What was surprising, to me at least, was that Netflix came in second. A distant second at 25% of the votes, but still far ahead of any other service we asked you to vote on.

Shortly after this poll ended Verismo finished their CinemaNow implementation. While only 7% of you wanted this as your #1 most important service for Verismo to focus on, I have no doubt that a larger percentage will be very happy to have some sort of premium content source available.

Despite my initial issues with CinemaNow I can state that it does, in fact, work very well. Audio and Picture quality is superb, but pricing is a bit heavy. Rentals weigh in between $2 and $4 for 24 hour rights to watch the video. A couple things to note:
1. You can rent from the website, taking advantage of coupons, gift-cards, etc.
2. Be sure to have about 2.1GB available on your VuNow USB mass storage to even start downloading a movie on the POD.
3. Purchases from the POD itself work well enough, but the system doesn't check properly that you have enough storage. When I freed up 1.9GB, the POD thought I had enough storage for Wathmen, but in fact I did not.
4. CinemaNow customer service (Roxio) has no idea what a VuNow POD is, but were very nice and helpful on the first try (even gave me a free rental coupon to ensure I could get my video come hell or high water).
5. The 24 hour period really does start only when you first play the video - this feature works on the VuNow quite nicely.

All that said, most of you are still waiting anxiously for some love. Will it come? The technical barriers have long since been torn down. The results of our poll have been provided to a rather receptive Verismo Networks and we're all hoping for the best of news.

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