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Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Contest: Watch a CinemaNow Movie on US!

Prizes have been distributed and comments re-enabled. Congrats Henry and Brian!

Thanks for participating - now go make some popcorn, watch a movie, and come back here to let us know if you find anything new to discuss in your VuNow POD!

The contest has ended. What a major turn out! err... yeah. I have to say, I'm a bit shocked that so many people read this post but didn't bother leaving a comment. I suppose $5 just isn't worth much these days...

So, who won? We had two valid entrants: Henry and Brian. Only the two. So I've decided to BREAK THE CONTEST RULES. you both win. Email me via the contact form on the right, I'll reply with directions for proving to me that you own the IDs used to post your comments.

Alright - we're not made of money but but we're excited about the new availability of CinemaNow on the VuNow POD and so we're holding our first ever blog contest.

All you have to do is leave a comment! The winner will be selected at random and will receive a $5 CinemaNow gift card. That's enough credit to rent 2 movies on the cheap (via coupons, etc) or just more than enough to watch any one premium new release!

- Post a COMMENT to this blog post - USING YOUR [Google Account] or [OpenID]
- One entry per unique ID
- You have until 12:00 EDT AUGUST 5th 2009 (12 noon Eastern Daylight savings time, this Wednesday) to enter.
- If you win, I will add a comment to this post with your ID. You will have 24 hours to EMAIL ME (via the contact form on the right) or I'll pick another random commenter's ID.
- I will reply to your email with directions for you to prove that you own the ID chosen as the winner (you'll have to follow those directions within 24 hours as well)

That's it. Winner will be selected randomly using this site to pick a random number. Remember, only verifiable comments are eligible so use or create your [Google Account] or [OpenID]!


Henry said...

I've used the CinemaNow feature of the VuNow pod and overall the process is pretty simple (assuming you already have a CinemaNow account with a valid CC). One issue - while watching the downloaded title I found that the movie would abort at a couple of points. By fastfowarding past these points, I could watch the remainder of the movie. I suspect some file corruption occurred during the download. CinemaNow does have an option to 're-send' a purchase to a device - BUT this function does not appear to work with the VuNow pod (at least I couldn't get the title to download again and I was reluctant to delete the title from the VuNow lest I end up with nothing for my purchase!).

bitflung said...

3 hours to go and you're the only commenter! wow. didnt see that coming. had 119 page views for just this post yesterday. i was beginning to think the comment form was broken.

anyway, if things stay as they are, at least you'll be able to download that movie again without having to pay for it twice. i don't know if you using wireless or wired, but i can say that i didnt have any issues with playback after downloading via wired ethernet (i rented Watchmen).

Brian said...

Sorry Henry, but now you have a 50% chance of winning. :)

bitflung said...

Henry - Brian: You both win! (I know, I know, I broke the rules - but I doubt either of you will mind) See the blog update above for details.