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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Software update - July 16

I haven't had my PoD on for a few days, but I took a look this evening and found a software update waiting for me.

6 packages upgraded
new Client version is
new Server version is

The most immediately noticeable changes are in the reworked "settings" menu. A new "product settings" submenu contains TV Resolution, Playback Options, Product Info, etc.; there's a new "Eject USB Disk" menu item and, most intriguingly, one labeled "Third Party Applications".

A quick scan through the Live Internet TV channels menu reveals a large number of repaired logos and channels placed in their correct geographies, plus a number of new channels in Europe - more work for me to do!

Anybody else notice any other interesting changes?


bitflung said...

my wife has "misplaced" out vunow remote, and sadly i haven't been able to do anything with my vunow for a couple days. tomorrow is a late-spring-cleaning-day and hopefully i'll find the remote update the software, and even test the new channel requested by an anonymous commenter on the last blog post...

Brian said...

My kids kept losing the remote, so I tied a long piece of ribbon to the little piece of plastic that holds the battery in the the other side to the power-cord. It doesn't get lost now, although occasionally someone will trip on the ribbon and the battery will go flying.

Aoun said...


I'm the same 'Anonymous' whom you've been asnwering to in the past few days. I finally decided to sign up.

Anyways, I wanted to know whether VuNow is available in Canada or not. I went to their website and they said the only country it is currently available to is USA. If not, then you have any information when this product will be available in Canada?

-Many Thanks

Anonymous said...


Can you let us know what has has been improved or changed with this update. Very much interested to get the details. Can you please ?