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Monday, July 27, 2009

SharpVu : VuNow sales in Canada

I've had a few readers over time ask about acquiring the VuNow outside of the USA. I've verified that the VuNow will work in any country (as opposed to, say, BBC iPlayer service which restricts viewers based on the country of origin associated with their IP address).

It now appears that the VuNow POD is for sale in Canada. Salutations to our northerly neighbors!
For more information, try the following links:

SharpVu : The apparent retail outlet for VuNow PODs in Canada
VuNow Canada Blog : A blog authored by "SharpVu IPTV Canada"
VuNow @ Twitter : A twitter stream authored by "SharpVu IPTV Canada"

I've only just now found the blog linked to above, but apparently it has been around since May 13th of this year. They seem to have focused on providing links to online videos that you might Vumark and watch on your VuNow POD; not a bad Idea, I've already VuMark'd one of their linked videos.

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