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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Live UK TV!

There's a new submenu under "live internet TV" - and I can't believe our collective good fortune! 18 UK tv channels, apparently downlinked from satellite!

BBC 1, 2, 3
BBC News
BBC Parliament
ITV 1, 2, 3, 4
Channel Four
More Four
E 4
Film 4
Five USA


Edit: I've updated the list of live TV channels to reflect these and other additions - the link is over there on the right. One really nice new addition is Rail TV (under Americas, but appears to be from France) - nothing but train videos, and very nice looking it is too.


bitflung said...

These new additions are great! high quality streams that look nice and play dependably and on top of that: premium content! E4 was playing 'Friends' when I tuned in, and had a promo spot indicating that thursday nights will have 'Big Bang Theory', 'Family Guy', 'King of the Hil', and some UK shows I've never heard of.

I'm particularly interested in watching those UK shows: being mixed in the the shows I just mentioned, I'm sure they target the same sort of audience (namely, folks like me) and should be great fun to get into.

mad said...

Yo Yo Yo.... i am lovin it :)