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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Live Internet TV channels list update

...the link's over there in the right-hand column. A flood of new channels has been added in the last three weeks, especially in Europe - and most of them are looking good.

There are officially now way more live TV channels available than anyone could possibly have time to watch!


Anonymous said...

Hello, This is my first time posting here.

I need a little help; but let me explain first. Currently living in Canada, something called Jadoo TV came in big boom a couple of months ago. It provides indian/pakistani channels. They are selling it for about #300.00 USD.

The problem is that they are using VuNow boxes which are worth around 150.00 USD and making copies of it. Then they sell them the double price.

For Jadoo TV, they already have the indian/pakistani channels installed. So you just have to plug the Jadoo YV to your home TV and you get all the channels.

What I was wanting to do was to purchase VuNow and add those pakistani/Indian channels myself. But before I do this, I need to confirm whether those channels work on VuNow or not. Because if hey don't, then no need of buying VuNow right?

Can someone please check on their VuNow whether the following channel can be added in their VuNow pod list or not:

If so then someone can direct me to a list of step-by-step directions on how to add channels on VuNow Pods.

If anyone is interested, the full list is from

If the channels on Idesitv work on VuNow, then it would be awesome!!

Thanks in advance

bitflung said...

the channel is a streaming WMV - technically the VuNow supports this type of video, though I'm not sure if all streaming methods are available.

I've added the channel to my 'vumarks' account - i will test to see if it plays tonight when i get home.

if anyone else wants to try, the channel is on here:

i'll let you know more when i am able,

Anonymous said...


I was wondering whether you were able to run that channel I mentioned above on your VuNow pod or not.


bitflung said...


sorry for the delay, took a while to find that remote :).
FYI - the channel you requested to test plays quite nicely on my VuNow POD. The quality was good, and I streamed the channel for a good 5 minutes (sorry, it didnt interest me as I couldn't understand what they were saying).

Anonymous said...

Lol, thank you for checking it for me. Now I know the channels will work for sure.

-Thanks again :)