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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AvailableNow: CinemaNow?

UPDATE (27/July/2009):
Reader Vina has responded to this post, informing us that CinemaNow works great on the VuNow with a 320GB harddrive attached. Perhaps my little 1GB stick just wasn't enough after all. This is great news - I'm heading to to get me one! (sadly my trusty old Western Digital took a spill and has the 'clack-of-death' - time for this new replacement now that I have a real purpose for an external drive again!)

With my sorely missed VuNow remote back in hand, I've had the opportunity to browse about the VuNow POD's latest firmware update and am pleasantly surprised to find CinemaNow has been brought back from the dead!

Well, back enough that it is listed under Popular Websites as well as under Movies. Back even stronger than before since we can now navigate into the CinemaNow entries and search for the movies we'd like to rent or buy. We even see the pricing (not that this was ever a secret, we could always open the website on a PC).

What can't we do yet? Actually watch something. Every time I try to rent or buy a movie in CinemaNow the VuNow tells me to first plug in a USB disk with enough room for the download. How much room would that be? It doesn't say, but a good guess would be anywhere from 300MB for a heavily compressed short movie up to perhaps 1GB for a high-definition or modestly compressed feature film.

I've got 1GB available on the USB thumbdrive I've got inserted into the back of my VuNow and I doubt EVERY video on offer is greater than 1GB. For now, it just won't work for me.

Have you had any better luck? Personally, I'm looking forward to renting 'Watchmen' - might even buy it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting...and i was told by the customer support that Cinemanow would be available with the latest update....

Did you notice any improvement in video quality of other channels?

Any new channels ? What else is new ?

Please update..

Also read this..

bitflung said...

Apple section now available in popular websites. This has Apple's selection of video trailers at very high quality.

Lina said...

I just check CinemaNow on my 320GB toshiba passport and it worked great, it looked like i am going to see much more such exciting channels in coming days

great going, keep adding many more premium and free contents

Henry said...

Well, since I recently learned that "I won the first CinemaNow gift certificate!" I'm now faced with what to choose from CinemaNow's library - they have some HD content, but does anyone know if the VuNow supports HD codecs (if so, which ones?)

Brian said...

I won the second CinemaNow gift card woohoo!