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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Watch Hulu on your VuNow for 50% less!

Right, well, those of you who scratched their heads after reading the title will need a brief explanation:

1. VuNow still does NOT offer native access to Hulu
2. VuNow supports UPnP as defined by the DLNA
3. Various softwares exist to push Hulu, etc out through a UPnP server
4. PlayOn (one of the mentioned softwares) is on sale, for the next 15 hours or so - 50% off (originally $39.99 USD)

So, if you've got a Windows PC kicking around and already leave it on and online all the time - well, then this solution will work for you. You have to act before 11:59pm EST June 30th. Yeah, about 15 hours from now.

See, Jane told me that PlayOn is on sale, using the coupon code PLAYON1999. Does Jane profit from sales of PlayOn? I don't know -- but I don't. So consider this cold advert something of a grain of salt in the hulu wait.

PlayOn provides the means to get Hulu, Netflix, etc. onto your VuNow PoD - for $19.99 (sale price) and the overhead of leaving a Windows PC running somewhere on your LAN while you watch those sites on your TV. Want it? Go get it!

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Anonymous said...

Let’s celebrate two month since VuNow 3.0 was announced!