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Monday, June 15, 2009

Off to Jamaica

Sorry folks, there won't be any updates from me for about a week - and if the last few weeks have felt a bit sparse, there is good reason: I was getting ready for my wedding :)

And now my wife and I will be heading out for our honeymoon tomorrow morning - we've just bought a shiny new Samsung video recorder and particularly great is that the recorder uses flash memory (we installed a 16GB sd card) and records in a format directly supported by youtube. We'll be bringing her little Dell Mini9 with us and pushing some videos online to youtube.

I'm looking forward to watching these videos when we get back - no DVDs, no VHS tapes, just turn on our VuNow and browse our uploaded youtube content directly on the TV. Maybe I'll make a specific playlist public and share it with all of you who happen to read this blog. Now if only the SD card we chose had built-in wifi to directly upload the videos as we go, that would be great!

See you folks again in about a week!

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