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Saturday, May 23, 2009

VuNow 3.0 ships?

Jay noticed earlier today that the a new firmware was available for his VuNow PoD.

Though this new version is numbered [] I'm told that this is, in fact, the highly anticipated VuNow 3.0 roll-out. However this is just the client side roll-out; new content will require server side upgrades (much like the upgrade to brought us Shoutcast Radio).

A simple test for now may be to try an NTFS drive. Previously contradicting reports aside, we expect the newly rolled-out firmware to add support for NTFS. I am unfortunately away for the weekend and will not have a chance to test this until next Tuesday - anyone care to try and report results in the comments (I'm looking at you, @Greatone76)?

I'm eager to hear your feedback; and I'm told that coming server upgrades will bring content refreshes to Crackle and Joost so watch those carefully.

Previously unreported, it should be noted that a minor content refresh for Crackle was performed sometime last week, with approximately twice the Movie content and several new TV shows added. Observing this coming content refresh may be most visible by watching for new playable Joost content.


Greatone76 said...

As of last night my hard drive with multiple partitions did not show the NTFS partitions. I have not checked for a new firmware number and have not been offered any upgrades.

Greatone76 said...

I got my update last night and now I can see all the partitions on my hard drive meaning that NTFS is up and going.

Adithya said...

can you add your own streaming channels from

Anonymous said...

VuMarks Beta is here! Custom channels is also working (not all but mostly)
Popular Websites > VuMarks

Casualties: looks like BitTorrent is gone (update version 0.37)

Anonymous said...

oops! ver not 0.37 :) 0.17

Adithya said...

So can I add my own channels thru now and watch it over ?