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Friday, May 8, 2009

Shout out to Shoutcast

As previously mentioned, the VuNow PoD will soon now supports Live Steaming Radio. The stations provided appear to all originate from

The stations are available are listed in a new category under Live Internet TV called, of course, Live Radio. There are 13 categories of radio station provided:

Top Radio Stations: 20 stations
Alternative: 8 stations
Blues: 8 stations
Classical: 8 stations
Country: 8 stations
Decades: 8 stations
Easy Listening: 8 stations
Electronic: 8 stations
Folk: 8 stations
Hip-Hop / Rap: 8 stations
Holiday / Seasonal: 8 stations
Inspirational: 8 stations
International: yup, you guessed it -> 8 stations

Interesting side note: you can start the music playing, click the 'back' button and go browse around for the video(s) you'd like to watch. The music keeps on playing until you start playing something else. Certainly a nice touch and I happy to say that playing music in the background has no apparent affect on the user interface (under powered hardware or poorly written software might otherwise show some additional latency and clumsiness when playing music and navigating the graphic interface).

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