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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mystery 3.0 upgrade still mysterious

Last week we saw an article over at engadget about the latest and greatest update to the VuNow PoD. This article was something of a mystery to us, however, because at that time we had still not seen the official press release itself. [edit: And yes, the press release is indeed official and available on the VuNow website]

Fast forward to today and this VuNow 3.0 update is still something of a mystery. The purported live internet radio stations are a go (and stream very well I might add), but where is all the new content?

I've read a number of forum posts and comments around the web lately with folks asking this same question and some even hoping to make their purchase decisions based on what is reported to have been added. Well, this is not the big list of new accessible content many of you are waiting and hoping for. Neither is it a post stating that the upgrade was a flop. Rather this post should inform you that the update seems to have simply not happened yet.

Yes, you read that right. Press release or not, the 3.0 update seems to be still waiting in the queue for now. Sure, some features have snuck in on us such as Streaming Internet Radio and the NTFS drive support [edit2: conflicting reports resolved, NTFS support not yet officially released - should arrive shortly with actual rollout of vunow 3.0 firmware]. Where is the rest of the new content?

- 50+ New Live Internet TV Channels -
Now this would be hard to miss, but I don't see them.

There have been incremental updates over the last few months however, perhaps the 3.0 update is being compared to the original 2.0 version? Surely that makes some sense and in this light, perhaps 50+ new live TV channels have already been added. With my VuNow PoD settings screens still indicating a version number starting with the numeral two, I believe however that the 3.0 update has simply not happened yet. I'm hoping to find 50+ new tv channels in my Live Internet TV listings soon, and with them new content in the other sections as well.

Regarding what new content we actually do have, one of our readers wrote in (see that contact form over there on the right?) requesting some screenshots of the streaming internet radio options, and so here they are for you Rob:

Don't worry Rob, we haven't forgotten your request for updates to the Live Internet TV and Popular Websites listings; we're working on that and will update you soon.


Anonymous said...

On official website there is some news about VuNow 3.0 that was successfully released for customers.
Maybe we are just not those happy customers who already enjoy new upgrade? :)

Go to, button “About us > Press Releases” and “News”

bitflung said...


Yes, the press release is there now - I've seen it. I'll update the post so as not to insinuate it is still not at the site. I still haven't heard of anyone describing a new and usable vunow 3.0 version on their pod, have you? Maybe you're right and we (I?) simply have PODs that haven't been upgraded yet - but I find it unlikely.

nc-jay said...

I updated the online list of live tv channels yesterday; in general, the list has contracted. Verismo eliminated a number of non-working channels, and some working ones went away too. A large number of channels, especially from Brazil, while still present, return "title not available on media source". And only a handful of channels have been added since last month.

I do have to say I'm completely impressed by the excellent video quality on the German ZDF2 stream. It looks better than half the channels on satellite!

Greatone76 said...

I have not got the NTSF Format to work Yet. I have a large external hard drive attached with 2 partitions the are FAT32 and the rest are NTSF and nothing but the FAT32 show up. Is there anything I need to do to get it to work?

bitflung said...

I now have conflicting reports on NTFS support - when I can better confirm that it works I'll post about it here. Thanks for your input.