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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Engadget has mystery press release - VuNow 3.0

Well, I can't find the original press release -anywhere- myself, but over at engadget Richard Lawler seems to have found himself a copy.

In his post, Richard refers to "the full press release" and provides all the juicy details, including:

- NTFS Drive Support(oh hey, one point for us, we've seen this coming since April 27th)
- WiFi improvements (802.11n, WPA, WPA2, etc)
- Dolby AC-3 Audio
- Internet Radio (via shoutcast streams) --"along with video content"??--
- Access to 50+ new Live Internet TV channels
- Additional 35 Popular Websites
- PAL video output (in the USA we use NTSC, the differences are minor but euro TVs would require this)
- Multi-language support (which ones? I don't know, Spanish and Hindi would makes sense based on the amount of Indian and Spanish language content they've got)

What else will come? Well, based on yesterday's announcement regarding the licensing of VP6, I'd bet some of those new Popular Websites will be flash based VP6 content from sites like and Vimeo.

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