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Thursday, April 16, 2009

UPDATED: Scroll to bottom to see screenshots and info on adding custom streams

A user named '404' left a message at the AVS forums (there's a link to them on the right, by the way) regarding an upcoming feature of our vunow pod.

Screenshots are available from the link here:

The point of that post is to get you here:

I will be adding my own screenshots to this post later today. The service quickly allowed me to sign-up, and referred to itself as a beta program in the confirmation email.

This service looks to provide the community involvement features many people have desired in the vunow pod: including creating personal channels and subscribing to the channels your friends create.

More to come

As promised, here's a screenshot you should find interesting:

This screenshot exposes the ability to add custom streams to your vunow POD -- this is a feature I have seen specific requests for and should come as a satisfying upgrade for all vunow users.

Playing around with some of the existing channels already present on, I've noticed that the mms:// protocol is common. This particular protocol (I think it stands for Multimedia Stream) is often used to stream windows media content. Specifically, I've noticed that uses it on the mobile streams page. When I get home from work today I'll try adding streams from and see if/how they are presented to me on my vunow pod.

Still more to come...


nc-jay said...

Wow, great find! This is the kind of service we've been anticipating.

Kind of annoying that the website and the website require separate accounts, though. I'll have to wait until I get home to enroll.

nc-jay (stuck at work without his POD ID)

bitflung said...

nc-jay: do you have access to old emails from work? i have my pod id available to me in my gmail archives because i registered the pod via email some time ago and that email has my pod id in it.

nc-jay said...

Ha - perfect! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm in.

I had actually thought about digging through my Inbox manually for it (via ssh, then grep, on my box at home) but figured the pod ID wouldn't have been echoed back to me.

By the way, I appreciate your pointer to That's a nice site, and I can't believe I didn't know about it before today. Now what we need is a direct view into from the VuNow! I'd never leave the house again!

nc-jay said...
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nc-jay said...

Well, the channel I added via the web (Soleil TV) displays and plays just fine at the Vumarks website, but .... I don't find a place in the Pod's menu system to access anything on Vumarks. A reboot of the Pod didn't change anything.

bitflung said...

i've found the same: this must be a not-yet-released feature... too bad, it looks like a great one

np36781 said...

I registered my pod and it says that it will send me email to activate. I have not received any email. also I tried to resend activation email 4-5 time. Nothing. I tried to use different email address to register now it says that pod id is already registered.

bitflung said...

that's odd, have you tried email tech support? maybe, although the service is clearly not ready for mass consumption, they could help...

i'd like to know how it works out for you in the end.

404 said...

Here is respond from support on my question “When?”:
Thanks for your interest in The site is still being tested and we have not yet released new firmware on the VuNow POD that will support We will release new software upgrade on the VuNow POD as soon we are ready.
VuMarks Team

Anonymous said...

Great site, I found the vumark site but didn't realize that you had to sign in to access it. As soon as I get home I will try it out. --I am glad for all the people updating info about the vunow box. I can't wait for more features.

bitflung said...

here's hoping that the firmware update to enable vumarks also brings with it an enabler for integration -- i still try every other day to see if the site will let me add the $9.99 monthly subscription.