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Friday, April 10, 2009

Poll: Final Days

[3 days left in the poll; 11 comments + 13 votes = 24; we missed the mark by 26; suggest new poll questions?]

I'd love to send an email to Vijay at Vunow asking for some predictions and comments on how Verismo will roll out upcoming features. I'd really love getting answers and sharing them with the rest of the world. We may be a small community, but those who own the Vunow POD bought it because they are early adopters (arguably, by definition). As early adopters I expect all of us to desire, even if we don't have the time to peruse, the bleeding edge updates on internet based tv and how Verismo is faring in the effort to provide it to us.

While traffic to this little blog has soared (relative to its own history) since we started posting Vunow related content, I still don't have many votes or comments to share with Vijay. This is the stuff that, were I to have the info to share, might gives us the clout to ask and receive answers to questions such as: What's the Hulu holdup; When will accept payment; What will be offered on the subscriptions at

I would think that these and other questions would be of interest to other Vunow users. Maybe I'm off-base, perhaps these aren't the burning questions in your head? Then post something - let me know. I set a lower limit of 50 votes/comments from the start of the poll --> and as of today we've only got 13 votes an 11 comments (many of which I counted despite being off-topic).

Perhaps I was over zealous, thinking that we could hit 50 votes/comments in a month. Looking at the last 2 weeks in my logs (see summary info below) I realize that only a very small fraction of readers will actually vote.



Only 13 votes total, but an average of 13 first-time visitors per day? Assuming that all of these votes came in during just the last 2 weeks, 200 first-time visitors means less than 7% of the readers actually voted (and I'm sure some of those votes were cast earlier than 2 weeks ago). Adding up the comments and votes, we're shy of my arbitrary-but-rather-low requirement by 26 comments/votes. I'm going to stick to my original limits: I won't start asking these questions at Verismo until I've got something to offer in return. This may take longer than I had hoped, but we will reach my modest goal of 50 votes and comments eventually.

In the mean time, I clearly need to find more intriguing poll questions for you all. what do YOU want to know about the Vunow community? How many visitors actually own one? How many they own? What they tend to watch? Whether they bought the HD or SD version? Wifi or wired ethernet? Connected to a big-screen tv?

What ever you want to know, toss your questions in the comments and the upcoming poll will hopefully shed some light on the answers.

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