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Monday, April 6, 2009

p = mv

Momentum. Either you've got it or you need it. We've been needing it, now we're starting to build it up.

The general idea here is that Momentum is what keeps you going through troubled times; and that momentum itself is a measure of success. Think of Calvin and Hobbs tossing a snowball down a hill - if it doesn't build into a bigger, faster mass of snow... we'd all be bored.

Vunow requires a similar build-up of mass and velocity. Just like Calvin's speeding snowball, it's hard to gain mass without having velocity and just as hard to gain velocity without mass.

For vunow, Mass is the set of all potential viewers of their content, while Velocity may be the content itself. If either of these were to grow very large without the other, the result is still not very powerful. Think of a giant snowball standing still, or a snowflake blowing quickly in the wind: neither is interesting and neither is a good goal. The goal of course, is a huge snowball tumbling and growing and having immense momentum. We want this, this would be good for us (the consumers of vunow content) because it would give Verismo the clout to bring more content to us at competitive prices and generally allow them to realize the potential of the Vunow PoD.

What's great about the current services on the Vunow is that this snowball is not alone. If YouTube(tm), Crackle(tm), etc. succeed in this regard, so does Verismo and the Vunow PoD.

Why write about this at all? Not only is it a slow news day, but it has recently been announced that YouTube has negotiated with Disney/ABC to distribute some of their content, and that Sony is apparently negotiating for full length feature films to be distributed via YouTube as well.

We all know that YouTube has an amazing large user-base. While most of the content there is, well, not interesting to me - there is a large set of eye-balls staring at YouTube at any given moment. YouTube is, following our analogy, massive. This added content will give YouTube something more interesting for its users to watch: this will add Velocity to the mix.

It's simple math now:
p = mv -> Success = Viewers * Content

More content begets more users which begets more content... and on and on the snowball rolls. Slow news day? Yes. Good news anyway? Absolutely.

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