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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mainstream VuNow adoption in India


Thank you rAvI - in the comments below, rAvI linked to these two youtube clips (hey, why not watch them on your vunow?). These clips show the ACT IP TV in action and even show the WebKit based browser navigating to!

Excellent find rAvI - thanks!

rAvI said...
ACT IPTV video ;-)


Over at (a great resource for info about VuNow and competing products, by the way) there is an article about the VuNow POD being deployed by a TV operator with a subscriber base of ~100,000.

If you live in India and have service through ACT Television you now have the option to upgrade to Interactive IP TV using a VuNow POD. I'd personally love to know how an OEM integrated POD works, what channels are offered, etc. I see from our logs that a substantial number of readers are visiting from India: anyone care to tell us more? Take a snap of an ACT Television promotion or brochure that might give some clues for us.

For the rest of us, staring from a distance, we only know what we're told:
- 200+ Live TV Channels (can play and pause them!)
- Play one channel while recording another (sounds like a full-on DVR)
- Over 4500 DVD quality films to watch on-demand
- and of course, web based content brought to the TV

Here's the really interesting part (if the DVR type stuff didn't catch you off guard already): According to, "ACT also announced plans for value-added programming and services, including multi-user gaming, email and voicemail, online shopping, remote education, banking, cooking programs, city and weather information – all on the television set".

Right then; games, email, voicemail(?), shopping, education... on and on. WOW. How exactly? Hey, you! From India, yeah you! Go pester your local ACT Television office and post some info in the comments already!

Service initially rolls-out in Bangalore and indeed I see Bangalore showing up in the logs, so I'm hoping for some user perspective here. :)


rAvI said...

ACT IPTV video ;-)

np36781 said...

In theory IPTV should work anywhere. Is it possible to subscribe in India and connect POD here in US? Is it possible to change firmware of VuNow to ACT IPTV and try here in US?

bitflung said...


in theory you're right, with one major exception: they might block IPTV data requests from outside their network. similar constraints are placed on streaming TV from the BBC iPlayer: only IP addresses in a given range are allowed (for BBC the range is defined by all ISPs in the UK - for ACT they could choose a range within their own networks).

so, in theory you're right. but if a lot of people did this and ACT wanted to prevent it, it would be fairly trivial to prevent it (at least a first order prevention).

About the ACT firmware - now that would be interesting. I'd love to see those extra features now. I don't know the full set of features coming in the next firmware release, but I do know there is a pending upgrade coming in the next 2 weeks - maybe we'll see some new features like the browser?