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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live Internet TV updated

44 new channels have been added to "Live Internet TV" - 29 in the Americas, 11 in Europe, and 4 in Asia. There's something for everyone in this batch, and many (not all) of the logo problems I reported to Verismo Support have been rectified.

Highlights include a whole raft of channels from Brazil, one channel from Benin, and two from Azerbaijan - I'm impressed! Have a look at them all, even the ones that sound boring - I watched a nice travel feature about sparkling wine on TV Assembleia do Estado de Santa Catarina.

One curious note: streaming problems exist where you expect not to encounter them (Australian channels) and where you might understand why you do encounter them (Algeria, for example). But happily, stations from places you might expect to encounter streaming problems play just fine - the aforementioned Beninois and Azeri channels, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.

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bitflung said...

great news - i've been surfing through these new channels al night :)