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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Juicy Joost is gonna move ya

Perhaps you have heard of Joost - once a P2P based IP TV service (like Skype for TV if you will) Joost has since moved on to a flash based model -- just like Hulu, Crackle, YouTube, etc.

Joost was one of the first IP TV services to build much traction and for a while there it looked as though they would take the industry all for themselves. What happened? Well, you couldn't watch Joost without a computer.

If you're reading this blog, chances are your picture perfect mode of consuming television content is... well.. on your television - and without having to carry the laptop over next to the TV, balance it on the bookshelf, connect the cables, turn off the screensaver...


So why the post about about a service that serves only computer users? Is this just another Hulu on the short list of services we WISH Verismo would integrate onto the VuNow POD? Yes. Well, yes and no.

Yes: Joost is very much like Hulu, it belongs on the short list of services we should really WISH Verismo would integrate onto the VuNow.


No: No need to wish; if my sources are correct we should see Joost content streaming to our little Vunows in a matter of weeks.

You read that right: Weeks. In a matter of weeks you should be able to watch shows from Joost right on your VuNow. Which shows? You can head here and see what Joost has to offer, whether they will all be available is up in the air.

Which are your favorites from (and ostensibly the ones you really hope will be included in the upcoming service rollout)?

My personal favorite at Joost is: [How I Met Your Mother (cbs)]
And for my fiance, maybe a little of: [Friends (theWB)]

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