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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joost updated - now 9 sections in Popular Websites

I didn't have time this morning to catalogue the new Joost content before I left for work, so I grabbed a photo for you instead. The titles for each Joost entry are now:

1. Action and Sports
2. Animation
3. Comedy
4. Culture and Style
5. Drama, Docs and Reality TV
6. News and Gossip
7. Science-Fiction and Horror
8. Sexy
9. Tech and Gaming


Anonymous said...

Good additions but not enough to be really happy. The best way to add Joost use the same way as we see YouTube (with ability to search and add your own account).
Also where are more or less new shows, for example “Friends”?

bitflung said...

i agree - it would be nice to be able to log in to my own account, though i don't know that it would be important to me assuming it was easy to find what i wanted to watch either way.

'Friends' along with many other newer shows, was listed immediately when Joost first rolled out on the vunow. i never had a chance to stream a show, and now it seems to no longer be available. it was originally listed under 'Comedy'.

hopefully it was removed only temporarily and will return, along with the others.