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Monday, April 27, 2009

Joost is Available NOW (plus NTFS support for USB drives)

I just got home and sat myself comfortably in front of my vunow, dinner is cooking in the kitchen and I've clicked on [Popular Websites] to find that Joost is Available NOW.

As we announced 5 days ago, Joost is has come to VuNow users bringing popular TV shows with it. Under [Popular Websites] you will now find 4 entries for Joost!

Action and Sports : 4373 Movies in 5 Categories
Animation : 2926 Movies in 4 Categories
Comedy : 3076 Movies in 4 Categories
News and Gossip : 2833 Movies in 4 Categories

A first pass through the Comedy section showed some favorites such "Big Bang Theory", "Friends", and "How I Met Your Mother"
(under the subcategory Sitcoms and Dramedies).

Fantastic news from where I sit - comfortably in front of my TV, without any cable service connected (well, at least in THIS room).

What do you think? How does Joost compare with your hopes and expectations? A suitable substitute for Hulu, or just a (large?) step in the right direction?


As this prediction has come true, it's time to share another tidbit I've come across recently: NTFS Support is coming the the VuNow POD firmware. For those of you wishing for support for larger drives using the NT FileSystem, this support is due out in about a week.


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