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Saturday, April 4, 2009

CinemaNow : Still not here, but progressing?

While the CinemaNow content is still not yet available, I've noticed under [Popular Websites] that a NEW CinemaNow related entry has been added.

This new entry is on the first page, next to the original CinemaNow icon - this one, however, includes the word 'BUY' in the name.

Under these two entries we have the following video counts:

CinemaNow : 6476 Movies in 3 categories
CinemaNow BUY : 11004 Movies in 3 categories

Yes, you read that right - over eleven thousand entries will be available for purchase through CinemaNow when the service finally launches.

While the service still hasn't launched, the addition of this [CinemaNow BUY] icon stands as evidence that this service is being actively worked on, rather than ignored and forgotten.


Anonymous said...

CinemaNow? Is it free or Paid. I have downloaded few movies fro their website, once you watch it expires in few hours :-( waste of money

bitflung said...

CinemaNow sells and rents videos - I don't know for sure, but I doubt they offer any free videos there. There are free movies to be watched on the Vunow POD, however - just not those from CinemaNow (actually, you can't yet pay for a CinemaNow movie on vunow either, but that is coming).

Sounds like you rented a movie -- you could also buy a movie from them (of course for more $$) and those movies would never expire on you.

CinemaNow is, for clarity, an alternative to Apple's iTunes video store. Just like Apple, they charge for their content. Just like Apple, rented videos expire after they are watched.

Free movies? Try -- it works on the vunow and it works in your browser. The selection is more limited, but the content is generally good and is totally free.