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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Channel List update

It took quite awhile, but I worked through all the new Live TV Channels and updated the online list. There are a huge number of regional channels from Spain, and all look to be relays of actual OTA or satellite stations. EsMadrid TV is especially worth watching. There are new channels from Slovakia, South Africa, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka (the last one was unavailable when I checked). I've also included links to the websites of most of the new channels in the list.

But the additions need a little bit of work. There are many incorrect logos, one in the extreme (the Hummer H1 logo substituting for a Swiss station's logo? c'mon!). And there are a few that have erratic or no streaming at all. As usual I'll send Verismo support a recap of what I've found; they were responsive to my last set of corrections.


bitflung said...

FYI: note that the online list is also the top link in the "Links of Interest" over there on the right --->

if anyone has a recommendation for other sites to include in the list, shout them out here and i'll add them - the more, the merrier.

bitflung said...

oooo i like that you've added links to many of the streaming channels' websites! great work :)