oooohhh.... we've migrated to a new server... :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 is now LIVE

FYI - the site has been pushed live. As nc-jay pointed out several days ago, this URL redirects to

On each visit I am prompted with a cookie related message. While my cookies are in fact enabled, I am greeted with directions for enabling them. Simply refresh the page to see the proper content.

This post will be updated as new info comes in.

2009/4/1/ 11:52AM EST
The site is back up - no new content is available, credit information is still rejected.

as of 2009/4/1 8:45AM EST the site is down again - this is just after a "scheduled maintenance" during which the back-end system was upgraded to a new server version. i'm looking forward to it coming back online -- i'm home sick today with little else to do but keep refreshing the page...

The site content appears unchanged from our last post regarding this site. Updating profile information requires updating payment information. Updating payment information fails on both Profile edits, and on signing up for subscription plans. At this point, the only news is that the site is now live, rather than failing to load.

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