oooohhh.... we've migrated to a new server... :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 in transition?

From time to time I check manually to see if there has been an update. Sure, I use automated tools (free here: ) but this particular update would not have been sent to me from that site, and so my habit of wasting the occasional 2 seconds has finally paid off. is offline.

Locally, I can't browse to it, I can't even ping it.

This is not isolated to my local network, using online network tools (free again, here: ) I have verified that this site is down elsewhere as well.

What does this mean? Generally, it means someone is about to get screamed at by their boss. In this case? In this case I'm hoping it means the Vunow World will final come online with some content control interfaces.

I'll be checking periodically; if you find an update before me throw your views into the comments (and vote dam you vote ---> )


nc-jay said...

I'm noticing the same here, but this one is available:

Is this new? I just came across it yesterday (but had never gone digging before).

bitflung said...

nice find, trimming off the fat brings us here:

which gives some info and a singup option -- i'm trying it now :)

bitflung said...

so, i dont want to steal your thunder, but i've taken a few screenshots of the site and would like to post them -- i'll hold back and maybe add the screenshots to your post if you're working on one, let me know.


bitflung said...

alright, i'm gonna post what i've got - hope you don't mind