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Thursday, March 26, 2009 being updated as we speak

UPDATED 3/26/09 13:30 EST: Profile page fails to load properly in Safari; nc-jay pointed out that I was missing some info. I've logged in via Firefox and added screenshots within the profile pages.

The website went offline yesterday, and today co-author 'nc-jay' has found a working portion of the site that provides some insite into exactly what will provide.

Mind you, it is not ready for public consumption and does not yet provide any access to upcoming features. but it does tell us what to expect when it's ready...

First, some screenshots and a URL:

The main login page:

here we see the login screen:
login screen

Clicking 'login' and trying to use the email address I registered my vunow pod with left me wondering, what's my password? Maybe it is the POD serial number? I don't know yet. For now I signed up for an account using another email address:
signup form

Look in the top left corner:
Web Login

Now this is interesting...
Notification and special offers indeed. What sort of offers? After signing up with my alternate email address I received an email with some more information. (by the way, my main email with which I registered my POD - sign up failed with the message that an account already exists):

To log-in your account, please visit this url:

As an VuNow account holder you can:

- Enjoy compelling catalog of rich content ranging from old
classics to the latest releases by Subscribing to the Channels
- Access all your account information online, and much more
Once again, we thank you for your support and welcome you to VuNow network.

Manager - Customer Service

Excellent. The website just redirects to the same login page we've already been testing here, but the information is promising. Catalog of rich content? Latest releases? Subscribing to Channels? And much more? Wonderful - I can't wait!

Updated below to include profile pages:

After logging in via firefox, I was able to see the actual profile pages (these did not render in Safari for me)

Main profile page:
profile page

There is a $9.99 monthly subscription I can add according to the site, so let's try to add it:

Surprisingly, the next page indicates that the subscription is actually much cheaper than $9.99. Perhaps it is prorated for this month? We are in the last ~20% of the month and this is about ~20% of the advertised cost...
subscription cost

Sadly, I could not pay for this with any card I tried. They all came up complaining that the payment failed. Possibly the back-end system is not yet in place:
payment fails

I also tried updating my profile information. As nc-jay pointed out, you can't update it without providing a credit card number. That didn't phase me, so I tried giving them a credit card - this failed with a similar message to the above image.

This weekend could prove to bring massive popcorn consumption to my living room...


nc-jay said...

Interesting. I was able to use my main email address (same as the one when I used when I registered my POD), but did not get any welcome message! I even checked my spam bucket.

One's default address and contact number default to Verismo's HQ's info. That can't be changed without also submitting credit card info, which I have as yet no reason to do.

I did, however, change my local timezone to US/Eastern from its default of US/Pacific. Let's see if the change propagates to my POD.

So who's going to be first to subscribe to the $9.99 VuNow streaming demo Subscription Plan?

bitflung said...

very interesting - i couldn't get ANYTHING after logging in on Safari. your post made me try firefox and now i see more! great!

i'll subscribe to the $10 plan and let you know what i get :)

nc-jay said...

I just noticed that the time zone modification I made to my profile on the website did, in fact, propagate to my POD. No idea how long it took, but nice to see the connection was made.

Jesse said...

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