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Thursday, March 5, 2009

VuNow POD - I can't FIND news, so I'll MAKE news

So I've had the vunow POD for a couple months now. I keep poking around the interwebs searching for that one definitive forum or blog with all the juicy bits about how it works, what's upcoming, etc.

I've found essentially nothing. nada. zilch.

why? I'm at a loss. maybe the target market for this device aren't big conversationalists? maybe no one else bought one? the closest i've found is a thread at AVS forums (where i've posted a few times). That, however, is still a quiet dark place for any real content regarding the box. link:

The first task I'm setting out for myself is: What's the hold up with sites like hulu? is it business politics or a technical hurdle? Are there any clues regarding the likelihood of actually watching hulu, etc. on the vunow?

I'll post with these details as I learn them. Perhaps this is over-ambitious? I'll cast a safety-net too: my next post will either tackle this hot topic, or expose information regarding the upcoming service update this March 10th.

Tired of watching youtube on your vunow? Eager to learn what's in store for us? Me too.

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Anonymous said...

HULU comimng to VuNow.....