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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vunow going down for 7 hours starting 2009/3/31 @ 22:00 PST

I'm sick. I hate being sick: stuffy nose, headaches, general inability think straight. It's tough sometimes, but not always. Looks like I might be staying home from work tomorrow just as Verismo Networks performs an update to their back-end systems.

Sitting down in front of my Vunow tonight I've been greeted with this message:
Service maintenance is scheduled for 7 hours starting 10PM PST on 31 Mar 2009, due to which you might experience limited access.

I'm prompted with this message when entering [Live Internet TV], [Movies], and [Popular Websites].

Could this be the rollout to server version (wow - let's just call it v36 from now on, shall we?). What else might this update bring? When the client was updated to v36 it brought 40-odd new [Popular Websites] with it, and we have since seen 40-odd new [Live Internet TV] channels added as well.

My bet is that as of 2009/4/1 @ 05:00 PST (when the maintenance period ends) the back-end service will be properly connected to the web-service; providing the online control and management features I've previously talked about.

5AM PST; that's 2AM 8AM in my timezone [i shouldn't even try simple math in my sickly state]. If my groggy sleep deprived and sickly body just can't sleep tonight I just may be up and about around that time. Kudos to the first commenter to beat me to the punch in updating us all on the results of this "scheduled maintenance".


nc-jay said...

5:23 AM Pacific, 8:23 Eastern and ... we're not going to be able to call it v36. Why? Because the server software has been updated to! I had to reboot my POD to see the updated version number. Off to explore any changes now...

nc-jay said...

No obvious changes visible from taking a quick cruise through the menu structure. Over to you to try another subscription attempt!

bitflung said...

well - i WOULD but the website is down once again...

i'm getting a Null Pointer exception from a java based back-end -- WebLogin.jsp seems to have tried to retrieve a "message" which wasn't there.

what message was it? my guess: "Welcome to, everything's working now". Why is that my guess? i like irony.

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