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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VuNow content additions : 54 'popular websites' available NOW

The Popular Websites section has been updated today to include 54 'Popular Websites'.

About a dozen of these were available yesterday, giving us about 42 new sources of news, entertainment, and general viewing pleasure ready to be consumed on demand and on our TVs.

New content ranges from professional quality news to oddities and slapstick humor. Here's a partial list to provide context:

[news] BBC World-Wide: 1179 Movies
nature National Geographic: 417 Movies
[oddities] Banzai: 99 Movies
[celebrities] CelebTV: 602 Movies
[oddities] DiagonalView: 449 Movies
[sports] Fox Sports: 122 Movies
[comedy] Just4Laughs 125 Movies
[webmeme] LonelyGirl15 476 Movies
[men] RipeTV 345 Movies
[tv-shows] Sitcom 116 Movies
[domestic] WeddingTV 94 Movies
[music] iVideoSongs 297 Movies [not music videos, but video lessons on playing instruments]

(Still no Hulu - sorry)

For those with the Vunow: Which of these new 'popular websites' are your favorites? Found any diamonds-in-the-rough?

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