oooohhh.... we've migrated to a new server... :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Software update - March 25

I just happened to be at home today, and my PoD let me know a software update was available! This was another seven-package download, just like last time. And after reboot I found....nothing immediately noticeably different, except the client version number: we're now at

Time to go exploring those new "popular websites", I guess!


bitflung said...

nice! did the server version get updated as well? i noticed last time around that the client was upgraded, then some time later the server version was bumped up to the same version number.

if the server hasn't been bumped up yet, maybe there's more to come from this update?


nc-jay said...

Server is (still?) .35.

bitflung said...

i upgraded mine too - the old client version was ...34.

it's interesting to me that the server was upgraded to an old version number between to even client versions. Maybe the popular websites update the other day came with a server upgrade from .34 to .35?