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Friday, March 6, 2009

New content in vunow Movies section

What do these new entries mean? GDBTV Streaming, VOD, and VOD Streaming...

Well, i've looked into it a bit. Really, a simple google search revealed the most:

google for 'gdbtv'

top hit:

follow link for 'consumers':

Now, we can see that GDBTV is an Internet TV broadcaster. They're based in the UK and likely that is where they normally intend to distribute their services (tv channels, vod, etc). What's so special about them? Check out the link in the top right of the screen, the one referencing the 'set-top box':

right, that's the one. What do they sell? gizmos similar to the vunow POD? right, excellent.

My take?

Verismo networks provides some parts of their overall distribution mechanism and they are now leveraging that relationship to bring the GDBTV content to their own set-top boxes. Since GDBTV normally distributes content in the UK, there is no competitive conflict of interest (vunow is only available in the USA).

So, when you navigate to the Movies section in your POD and see the new 'GDBTV Streaming' station, click on it. Watch the bottom of the screen, you're told to subscribe to streaming tv to watch this channel. yup, i'd say around march 10th we'll have an updated with the ability to add subscriptions for much of GDBTV's content.

and i'm excited about that. you?

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