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Monday, March 16, 2009

go ahead, vote -->

Back before the VuNow finally shipped, I got in touch with Verismo's CTO Vijay Maheshwari. I had a few questions, he gave a few answers; altogether it was a pleasant and comfortable interaction.

I hope to rekindle this stale conversation with him by offering some information (for starters). So go ahead and vote, or leave a comment, if you wish your voice to be heard directly by Verismo's CTO.

I won't bother him with 2 votes worth of 'information'. I'll set the lower limit at 50 votes/comments. I see from the logs that we're getting an average of about 35 visitors a day with only a small fraction reading non-vunow related posts (that fraction seem mostly interested in my posts on Nokia's N95 v30 firmware bugs. Hi, I hope that info is still useful to you guys! It looks like the auto-rotate flaw was fixed in v31).

If only 5% of you vote or comment, we'll hit 50 votes/comments in 28.5 days. That's about when the poll over there ----> is going to close, so vote dam you vote!

What's the vunow missing? Be specific - what one killer-app or killer-content does it need to take the largest stride towards perfection for you? A better remote? Maybe the time/date should be overlayed in the user interface? Weather content from or accuweather? Community features like voting up the best content?

You tell me, and I'll tell Vijay. That's the plan. Give me something of value to give to Verismo, and they may just return the favor by giving something of value back to us (they are clearly in the final stages of their development cycle and now working to entice users and content providers).

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Anonymous said...

1. Internet Radio
2. I could add my own stream/url