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Monday, March 30, 2009

Big update to Live Internet TV channels

An incredible 52 new channels have been added to Live Internet TV today: 40 in Europe, 10 in Asia, and a sad 2 in North America. I should be able to update my online listing within a couple of days.


bitflung said...

excellent - any channels of particular interest you've noticed?

i'm watchin gsome old show on UK Entertainment right now, Dr. bob is tending to someone's broken leg.

bitflung said...

i've also noticed that the 'info' popup on some channels (like UK Entertainment) gives the name of the video file that is playing - which skips around from time to time. for example, the old black and white movie i'm watching right now is called 'Promo 1 m A3 New.wmv'. From time to time another video is interleaved with this one (like i'd expect an advertisement to be, but these videos dont seem to be ads?) and in these cases the video name changes accordingly.

previously i only noticed the channel name displayed in the 'info' popup. is this new or just something i missed in the past?

nc-jay said...

It seems to me there are a couple of different kinds of streaming modes for Live Internet TV. One is used on channels that are broadcasting live, are continually updated, and are web relays of OTA/Cable channels - for example, news channels like CNN, BBC, Euronews, etc. On these stations, the 'info' popup appears while initially buffering, then as required during the stream.

The other kind is as you've mentioned, which I've only seen on channels that stream 'canned' programming - the channels that play the Japanese music video excerpts, Places of Interest TV (very good btw), etc. On these stations, the 'info' popup appears as each discrete clip starts/buffers - and it displays a filename, as you described, or perhaps an ID3 tag if one exists on the streamed content. I suspect this behavior is displayed by web-only channels in particular.