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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

@Anonymous - thanks for the vote, here's your prize

Alright, well one more vote with a comment - baby steps...

So, Anonymous (whoever you are) you would like the Vunow to support [Internet Radio] and the ability to [Add My Own Stream/URL].

I was holding off on posting this until I had even more information, but it seems you would be particularly interested in this so here it is, just for you.

Think back to November 21st 2008 - That was the date when Verismo Networks responded to a question of mine that relates directly to your desired use of your Vunow POD. I'm terrible at building suspense, so without further ado here's my question and their short but sweet answer:

My Question:
2. there are 3 ways future content may be added, which of the
following do you intend? (immediate or eventual is fine by me):
a. verismo negotiates with and adds content from new providers
(requires action from verismo)
b. new providers have open access to push new content in via
published APIs (requires action from providers)
c. users can add new content sources (requires action only from
users end-users)

Their Answer:
All 3 will be supported

Sure, that's not an indication of WHEN or even a guarantee that it WILL happen - but it is a clear statement that it is INTENDED to happen. Internet Radio? Sorry, I wasn't specific enough last time around to get that information for you. But I will be next time. I've taken note of this particular feature request and it will be one of the first questions posed this next time I contact Verismo Networks.

Thanks for your vote!


charm said...

* browser
* ntfs
and wish i could sell my videos and photos to others

bitflung said...

"wish i could sell my videos and photos to others"

now that's an interesting one. something like a home video market place? or are you thinking more along the lines of creating your own entry in 'Movies' where people would find and buy/rent your movies?