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Friday, September 5, 2008

N95-1 v30 firmware camera bug when auto screen rotation is active

i haven't seen anyone else talking about it, but i've noticed a bug in the N95-1 v30 firmware update:
UPDATE: workaround the bug by disabling 'rotate image' and 'image stabilization' for Photos and Videos respectively. While this eliminates rather nice features (and is not the default setting for photos) it enables auto screen rotation to be enabled and the camera to be utilized.

method of reproduction:

1. Enable automatic screen rotation:
Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General -> Personalization -> Display -> Rotate Screen -> [set to Automatic]

2. Open your camera lens (or start the camera app for N95 users without the lens cover)

3. Ensure that 'Rotate Image' is set in the camera settings (to detect when the photo was taken portrait vs landscape and rotate the image when saved to gallery - it's a nice feature and i think it's on by default)

4. Start taking pics. It seems the bug is related to the accelerometer being polled... so be sure to rotate the camera frequently (take portrait and landscape pics). after a few shots your camera button will stop working.

5. Note now that the camera app does not respond to any key presses.

6. Press the red END key - notice the screen becomes blocky and has elements of live video interleaved with the correct Standby Screen image

7. Rotate the phone - allow the automatic screen rotation feature to do its job and watch as the video artifacts in step 6 recur

8. Cry - the camera app won't run properly again until you reboot. Running the app simply opens a blank screen with no text, images, or more importantly live video data from the sensor.

NOTE: I installed (but have removed and still reproduced this problem) FlipSilent 1.08 beta 4. This installed the RDA Accelerometer driver with it (as i recall). This MIGHT be related, though these symptoms were not present with FlipSilent installed with RDA on v21 firmware.

Anyone else able to reproduce this problem? I'm experimenting with the steps I used above: It might be related to only one of the 2 features (rotate image vs. auto screen rotation) or perhaps only when both are enabled. Or maybe I have very very very bad luck somehow?



Anonymous said...

i have the same problem but i guess mine's even worst. after your step 7 my fone suddenly turned on and off continously. i can't even do a hard reset. i am so pissed. and to think that i have recently claimed my n95 at the nokia care because it went dead after i installed the v30 firmware. aaaahhh....shouldn't have installed that firmware...

Kristian said...

Same here!
Sooo Annoying. If I choose the "automatic" screen rotation the phone starts its turn off turn on problem that can last a day (or more but who cares as the battery is dead by then. I have to remove the batt then do a hard start up pressing '*' '3' and 'green' buttons at the same time. It wipes all my stuff but its better than watching my phone load up 7000 times.