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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nokia Download! Update

it seems that no one cares to write about the updates to the content catalogues in the 2 most dynamic apps pre-installed on N-Series nokia phones.

so heres the scoop on the latest update, from the only source i know of: me.

i'll post a tidbit here every time i see an update (and i check at least once a week) but note that i only check the USA locale, i've got no idea what your download! catalogue looks like over there in europe or asia.

Download! app catalogue update includes:

1. new app categorization: the catalogue is broken into folders of apps:
a. Applications
b. News&Info
c. Videos
d. Graphics
e. Games
f. Tones
g. What's New
h. What's Hot

there are still some items in the root folder, including Worldmate and Yahoo!Go.

2. items that belong in multiple categories are in multiple folders

3. New trail game: Total Air Mayhem 1942 - gives you a one shot trial. i don't understand why there are games even being published through Download!, since n-gage blows them all out of the water (and the license persists between firmware updates)

Wondering what's hot? well, for now its just Worldmate and ScanR. Whats new? SNAP-Arcade and Total Air Mayhem.

given the categorization and the number of entries in each folder, i'd expect some new content roll out is planned for the near future.

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