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Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm engaged!

whoa whoa whoa! how did i let this go un-posted? i don't know. i suppose this little unread blog is really just a channel for me to vent my inner geek tendencies -- and this news is really about the well-rounded whole-me that doesn't get much attention here.

so, here's to the whole: congrats to me!

i'm engaged. been this way since the last weekend of march (or should i say first wknd of april?).

LJ and I hope to have the ceremony on the 13th of june, 2009. thats far enough away so if you want to come, you can introduce yourself, become friendly with us, get invited, and party. of course you can't take your time. we'll have the guest list pretty much on 'codefreeze' within 6 months of the service.


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