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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

N95-1 updated again

kick-ass - my N95-1 is now running v21 firmware. this is great. truly a testament to great product lifecycle support. my cell phone, which is really more like a tiny laptop with a crummy keyboard, does so much more now than when it was brand spanking new. just for haha's here's a list of features:

1. sat nav maps and voice guidance like a TomTom (includes traffic in major cities) with internal gps
2. 5mp camera (with a shoddy flash however - so pictures in dark places are a bit likely to blur)
3. fantastic video recording - and with A2DP i've got wireless microphone support built right in
4. mobile webbrowsing using the same standards (and even code) as my desktop : this includes FLASH PLAYER (take that iphone)
5. games: i've got online multiplayer 3d accelerated games on my phone (even a port of QUAKE with OPENGL support)
6. push email: no, i dont have to manually check my email - i dont even have to set it to check on intervals - log in and walk away, i get email alerts a moment after the mail server receives the message
7. i stopped using my ipod - going to give it to my brother, my nokia is just as good but has built in wireless headphone support
8. movies: i've watched full-blown DVD rips while driving long distance. Aladdin, Better Off Dead... well you get the idea
9. remember, this is a cell phone... seriously, movies - and the audio played through my car stereo system (via bluetooth)
10. wifi - enough said for now, thats a feature all its own
11. AIM/MSN/GoogleTalk/etc - yup, with Fring you get all these
12. VoIP - i've made hours and hours of completely free calls using VoIP with truphone over wifi - and AT&T never knew it
13. VoIP via AT&T - and using fring i can connect to any sip provider for VoIP via EDGE data - though the connection is a bit scratchy, its cheap
14. international functionality - i went to serbia for a week, bought a prepaid sim, went online, streamed video out to the world, etc. i'm an international first rate mobile citizen with this thing.
15. data tethering: sure i can use my mobile as a bluetooth modem - but i can also turn it into a wifi access point and let any number of people share my $20/mo unlimited data service. why would i? well, my girlfriend and i might want to play Mario Kart DS online against other people when we pull over on a long drive. no need to fool with public wifi that requires a webbrowser, just use my phone.
16. New York Times delivered in an electronic format that is readily available, easily digestible (Channels media service)
17. geo-tagging my photos automatically!!!! yeah!
18. pedometer that keeps track of how much i move around - hey, i'm getting fat, might as well set a goal and attain it
19. sports tracker even lets me see where i've been riding my bike over time how much faster i've made it up that big hill
20. weather - yeah, today's and tomorrows weather forcast is sitting on my screen as a screensaver - always telling me when to grab my jacket
21. widgets: just like macosx dashborad but without displaying a bunch of widgets at a time. and i dont mean widsets (i hate that app) but real WRT widgets
22. video centre: how about subscribing to some livetv streams? woot!
23. internet radio on the go: LJ and I listen to WBER all the time now - even from the car stereo 5 hours drive away from their broadcast tower. and without a huge fuss
24. geo-caching! free to use integrated geocache software for some fun when we;ve got the time
25. microsoft offce document support: did i mention that this thing is basically a laptop with a small screen and bad keyboard?
26. bluetooth keyboard support: any bluetooth keyboard you want will fix my issue with trying to type on a numeric keypad
27. barcode scanner - dont want to buy a keyboard OR type on the numeric pad? then past text onto an online form and point the camera at it - gets long urls (or any text) into the phone via a barcode scanner. built in from the day you open the box.
28. Ovi/Flickr/Vox support - post pics online form the phone and comment on other feeds
29. extgps: turn the phone into a gps that other devices can use (ie: my mac can use my n95 as a bluetooth gps)
30. every update since the initial release of the phone has made it better, more reliable, faster, more capable.... the updates are free, supported, and available to me without having to take the phone to some service center.

nokia rocks.

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