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Friday, March 14, 2008

i had to complain to VYKE today - so heres the message i sent

i have 3 issues to raise with you:

1. i CANNOT SEE A LIST OF SUPPORTED PHONES WITHOUT PAYING YOU. holy shit - thats nuts. the FAQ directs me to a site that requires my account to have credit to see the site. FIX THIS.

2. i found online news that you support the N95, which i own. great. so i decided to try the FREE DOWNLOAD link on your site. ITS NOT FREE - AND I DONT GET THE FREE $1 CREDIT ADVERTISED EITHER. why not let me download for free?

3. ok, fine. i'm an early adopter, and despite most companies working less diligently at making it hard to use their products - i'm willing to trudge on and try yours - so i tried to buy some top-up credit. WHOOPS! EVERY CARD I TRY IS DENIED. why? well your site doesnt tell me anything useful (read: your site LIES TO ME and claims that my card is invalid). turns out you've responded to some people about 9 months ago - YOU DONT ACCEPT PAYMENT FROM AMERICANS. great. thanks. BUT YOUVE GOT THE BLOODY VISA LOGO ON YOUR SITE.

well. this was fun. i dont trust you now. i started out giving you the benefit of the doubt - i even gave you 2 of my credit card numbers - but i'm seriously in a bad mood now and i feel that having given you my credit info has put me at risk. next thing to happen is your server to get cracked and my credit info leaked for the sake of... well... never actually having been your customer.

YOU HAVE MY PAYMENT INFO, but wont accept it. I AM AT RISK, but have not benefitted in the slightest.

perhaps in a moment i'll calm done and realize that i shouldnt care quite so much, but for now i just need you all to know how ticked off i am. if you've actually taken the time to read this message, i'm a little bit impressed. i actually expect you to read the start, exclaim that yet another idiot sent hatemail, and just delete this from the box.

prove me wrong: reply. gain some of my trust back.

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