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Thursday, February 28, 2008

we've gone all dilbert

it had to happen eventually - BlueRISC has gone all dilbert on us!
that means, ahh, that we've got cubicles. or at least meaningful equivalents.

i was looking forward to this, but i'd underestimated the luxury of thin, short walls separating my workspace from those adjacent. The simple fact is that a shelf above my desk and a place to pin things up are significant improvements to my local storage space - but the subtle nicety i had overlooked is the presence of shadows.

go ahead, stand at the top of a cliff and get your work done. with the great broad view in front of you, there is no feeling of containment. now, sit a desk in a large, completely open room. there is a similar feeling there, if only so vague that you don't notice it until it's gone. well, here at bluerisc, it's gone. and thats a nice thing. i still have my window view. it's not that we've destroyed some great expanse of beauty you may stare at from a cliff. rather we've provided a simple sense of personal space.

this reminds me of trying to pee over the edge of a boat while fishing off stage harbor. sure, the next boat is a half mile away - but it always feels somewhat invasive to realize that your public relieving yourself in the general direction of all the other boats nearby. walls can be nice luxuries indeed.

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