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Friday, February 22, 2008

a post a day

well, i am certainly the only one who'll find this interesting - but i'm going to post something everyday. everyday, at least every work day, at the end of office hours, i'll post a a little something (unrelated to work, since that'd bore even me and theres the NDA to consider).

So, today was my first day back after a 2 day hiatus with a cold. massive head cold. it's snowing and miserable out, so i'm the only one still at the office. i feel obliged to be here since i was out the last 2 days and i'm on salary.

my head still aches. i cant concentrate. likely, thats why i'm posting to this blog instead of working.

anyway - today i finally tried JaikuSpot - it's a utility to transform my nokia n95 into a wireless access point. sweet. i used the mobile speed test at to test my throughput on at&t's EDGE network - a whopping 26kbytes/sec.

and i pay $20/month for that speed. sad, isn't it? my n95 is hte euro1 model, so when i visit europe i get 3.6mbit 3.5G service...where it's offered and actually achievable. well, since at&t's 3G service is being deployed (i think it covers 100 square miles of US turf right now) maybe i'll switch to the N95-NAM next year - or likely the N96/97/9?...

oh - and i've switched to Ovi for my media (unlimited storage for free, can't pass it up). so i've got this cool flash widget at the bottom of the screen now. i just wish they had geotagging (real geotagging, not this "enter a city and state" crap).

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